Americans Pay 99% of Their Salaries for their Government

That’s right. They are 99% slaves to their government. 

Let’s look at the figures. Federal, State and Local spending in the US add to about:


or $6.93 trillion per year, including some expenditures paid for with debt. This number is compiled from US Census, OMB, CBO, and BEA, calculated by for around 20 years, without substantial challenge.

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, you can find two other numbers, the total employment, which is 140,400,000, and on the same line, the mean salary, which is $49,630. Multiplying these two numbers you get the total amount of wages paid in the US, as of 2016, which is:


or about $6.97 trillion per year in salaries. These are the wages of everyone—CEOs, doctors, lawyers, engineers, housekeepers, etc.

Their wages are $6.97 trillion, and their government spends $6.93 trillion, so their average bill for their government across all Americans is 99.4%, or 99% rounded.

99% of American salaries are paid for “governance”

Now this $6.97 trillion is their wages. Thus, America survives not on their wages, but because the society invests what extra they own in other things to generate income. That and borrow money to survive, a debt that stands at ~$21 trillion, federal, state and local, plus ~$23 trillion in unfunded social security liabilities. 

Interestingly, the total budget allocated for 2019 will be $7.56 trillion, exceeding the salaries unless they rise by more than 5% before then.

No worries—their children and grand children will pay for their survival today, presumably, and their pensions, when the debt is due in the decades to come. 


The US Fed has already “typed in” to their central-bank PC keyboards $4.4 trillion to meet their society’s obligations because of the last crisis, an inflation bomb that is just ticking away. 

Fed Typist Dillema
US Fed Keyboard-typing Dilemma

The wages the US people appear to get are a chimera, as it all goes to State, Federal and Local governments. If you live in the US, you are effectively a slave to their bureaucrats.

Nearly every American has a pretty good idea that they are dependent upon their government in one way or another—that they already get a cut of the mass robbery—therefore there is little rebellion. 

About $600 billion is spent on military every year. “Any excuse for an overseas war”, as they say. They are all on the payroll, more or less (besides footing the bill).

If you are a US citizen, you may say “but I get paid a wage after taxes”. Well, you are left with something because it is being taken from someone else’s pockets. Your wage barely supports your government without your cost of survival. You are already a slave, and have to live with the knowledge that you survive by stealing from your fellow citizens, through a third party, of course. This is called a theft-based society, and it is different than a trade-based society, where income is derived from the consent of counter-parties who value what you trade.

How is Worldfree Different?

The Worldfree network is a trade-based society, although not available to American citizens because of their laws. Non-US companies of any size and people from other nations can of course participate, constrained by their own laws. The FreeMark is just a better medium of exchange to do business in. 

Other governments operate similarly, although they are all not confiscating to the same degree. This system of slavery to bureaucrats is what the US military machine is spending that $600 billion of borrowed money to impose on other peoples outside of the US, using Hollywood collectivist dogma as a PR tool (ask yourself in the next Hollywood movie you watch whether the heroes are government employees or media workers, and whether the story glorifies individual sacrifice). 

You need to act now to defend your own source of revenue. You can probably read newspaper articles on the evil people who put their money offshore. These keep repeating that ~70% of the money is owned by only 0.1%. 

The socialist press is just trying to keep the other 99.9% from getting their money offshore! 

You Need to Think of Your Family’s Welfare First

This other 99.9% of the people better start figuring out how to get their money “offshore”, from wherever they live, as most governments have literally lost sanity. The Venezuelan people certainly wish they had, if they were not fortunate and intelligent enough to do so already. Those that have not are either trying to escape, or fighting for a cut of collectivist theft in a den of thieves. 

Individual wealth is the basis of political liberty. Without economic liberty, you cannot fight for your political rights. This is what collectivist radicals are attacking when they devise the prevalent political scams. They are stealing your money under ever more excuses in order to enslave their peoples, stripping them little-by-little of their political liberties. 

Speaking to the 99.9%, you need to build channels of income that will allow you to expand your revenue, while increasing your take home pay. You are likely already in trouble, and do not need to wait before resolving this crisis.

If you think your government isn’t nipping at your heels, you are probably wrong. One more financial screw up like the one in 2008 and you could be in trouble. Read more about the real causes of that financial calamity in the Business Whitepaper.

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The Worldfree network is an equitable platform for existing and emerging businesses and traders that helps you create wealth ethically, while preserving the purchasing power of your savings. Our goals are to provide you powerful financial and marketing tools so that you can trade internationally with less foreign exchange risk—a problem we solve for you using economies of scale in the financial world. 

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